Justin + Monica, Natures Connection Place Wedding

October 14, 2015  •  1 Comment

I was so honored to get to travel to Western Washington and document the wedding of Justin and Monica! This wedding was especially close to my heart because I have known the bride since she was very young. It is amazing to see the beautiful woman she has grown up to be. The decor and details of their wedding were uniquely perfect for Justin and Monica- they had a wood stove where guests could create their own fresh pizza, and an ice cream truck to name a few. Those who know Monica personally describe her as a trend setter, and her wedding was no different! My favorite personalized detail was the wood pallet floral backdrop.

I often tell my clients that I can work with the light, I can direct and pose, and use photoshop to clean up images when necessary, but the one thing I cannot fake in post production is genuine emotion. It's up to them to truly enjoy their day and be present in the moment -it goes quicker than you know. Monica was one of the happiest brides I have ever seen and this couples beauty and emotions were overflowing! Smiles, tears, and laughter: joy was evident throughout their day, and with everyone who came to celebrate with them! The 7 adorable flower girls followed Monica around all day, attending to her dress and fawning over her. Monica gave just as much attention to all the little ones (lots of them her nieces and nephews) as she spent socializing with the adults. 

Natures Connection Place had everything from Mountain views to lush gardens. Gorgeous Florals from Stadium Flowers. The Dj (Joel Taylor) was incredible, kept the party light and fun (he also is a childhood friend of mine who was in almost all my classes since grade school). All the familiar faces, including some of very closest friends made the day and the trip to Seattle amazing! A big thank you to my second shooter Ashley Haikkila for making the trip with me! Congratulations Justin and Monica! We had a blast and were truly blessed to be witness to such an incredible love story!



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Such beautiful images and amazingly sweet couple. Love.
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