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Tips for your Perfect Engagement Session

January 04, 2016  •  5 Comments

So you've booked your photographer and all the details for your wedding are starting to fall into place. Time to get your engagement session on the books!

Enagagement sessions are the perfect way to get comfortable in front of the camera, and also get some beautiful pictures of the two of you. A great way to use these photos is for your save the date cards, invites, and display them at your wedding.

Here are a few of my top tips to help your engagement session run smoothly and capture those perfect pictures you've been dreaming about!


This is going to sounds bit cheesy, but I think of every portrait as a recipe- it needs some basic, quality ingredients to create something yummy! Here is my list of those top 4 ingredients/tips:

1. Good Location- this is something I decide on with the help of my clients. I have a handful of go-to locations that I use often, but I always love to see you new spots! If you have close family or friends with land, open fields, old barns, etc. that can be a great place to start. Pick a location that fits your style and personality. 

2. Beautiful Light- Portraits are all about light, and light can bring out your best qualities, or your worst. It's not just about a correct exposure, it's about the quality and direction of light. Leave this up to your photographer, but be ready to stand or move to spots that you don't necessarily see the potential for. Believe me, they see something you don't. I love to make the light dance behind my clients. They may not notice it at the time, but they see it in their images. 

3. Wardrobe. Planning outfits can be a challenge. Pinterest is a great place to get inspiration for colors and textures. Dress for the season we are in. Summer- wear a cute dress and heals. Fall/Winter- bundle up with scarves and boots. Do add pops of bold colors, but nothing fluorescent, ever. Earth tones are soft and pretty too! Wear things that compliment you; your skin, your hair, your eyes. This is always a good excuse to go shopping ;)

Bring an outfit change. One Dressy outfit and one casual outfit are perfect. You can bring more, but do you really want to spend all your session time changing clothes?

This is also the perfect day to schedule your trial makeup run for your wedding. Professional makeup can help your photos so much! Here are links to a few of my favorite local MUA's:



4. Emotion!!! This is SO IMPORTANT!! This can make or break your photos- We can put you in beautiful light, in a breathtaking setting, dressed impeccably, but if there is no emotion, there is no flavor. Be ready to be silly, flirty, and romantic with your fiancé! Have fun!! This is such an incredibly special time in your lives, and it goes fast! enjoy it!!  Don't be afraid to laugh together, dance, or even sing! Whatever it is to make it your own! 



Side note/Heads up- To start out, posing is going to feel completely unnatural- yep, that's right it's not always comfortable to be infront of the camera, especial if it's not something that you're used to. It WILL fell uncomfortable, and unnatural, atleast at first. But be ready to just go with it! knowing that as we work together to figure out how the two of you pose and interact best, it will become easier, and by the end of the session you will be posing like pro's!


Well, there you have my it, my favorite engagement session "recipe ingredients". I hope this was helpful and you love every minute of your photos!





Really great and well laid out information. I love how you say that they WILL feel uncomfortable, but just to go with it anyway. So very important. Great stuff.
Laine Napoli(non-registered)
Love the edit style for these photographs! Great Work -
Perfect tips! The what to wear ones are spot on ;)
Great info and photos!
The images that you chose for this are BEAUTIFUL!! Wonderful work and advice!
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